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Search for sites for modular homes begins in Dublin

Council  approves plans for  factory-built houses to tackle homelessness crisis in city  

The council’s housing committee has approved plans for factory-built homes in Dublin to end the use of emergency B&B and hotel accommodation for homeless families. More than 600 families, including 1,275 children, are currently living in emergency accommodation.

Mr Brady said the council had entered into discussions with the Department of the Environment in relation to the planning and procurement procedures that could be used to advance the project. He said that investigations of a number of vacant council-owned sites were now underway to ensure their suitability for use.

He said that the number of units that would be installed on the sites had not been finalised and “no upper or lower number” had been determined. However, it was expected that more than 200 units would be installed. The units would cost in the region of €100,000 each, excluding land costs.

Mr Brady said: “The big advantage of what we’re talking about is speed.”

The council is expected to take another three to four weeks to assess sites and establish the procurement and planning methods needed to deliver the units as quickly as possible. Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly said he would be prepared to introduce emergency legislation to fast-track the planning and procurement process for the modular homes.